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One size fits all? One size fits nobody

One size fits all? One size fits nobody


Imagine a world in which you don't have to resort to standardized products for everyone, but instead have products on the shelves that have been developed exactly for your individual needs and preferences. Their only customer would be you, and their only delivery route would be directly to your home.

What would be different in this world? Not only would your products be better than the ordinary ones, more accurate in their purpose and more effective in their effect, they would also make a significant contribution to the preservation of our planet: because they would be developed only on your demand. Together we could initiate a social turnaround with personalized products: Because they would be made explicitly for one person, that one person could give them a whole new kind of trust and appreciation. This would make the relationship between person and product richer.


But more than that, personalized products celebrated exactly one thing: the person. Finally, a product would do justice to the versatility and diversity of the individual, treating him and her with respect and creativity. It would not only make the consumer group in the middle happy, but every single one of them. Who would we be, having to decide who belonged and who didn't?

Personalization - a tribute to the individuality of the individual and the inclusion of all. Whether man or woman or the diversity next to it and in between, young or old, light or dark, we at Ave & Edam dream of a world for all. We believe that products for everyone are a first step in this direction.

We all know: A product for everyone really suits no one. Imagine a world where standard sizes, patterns and templates are a thing of the past. AVE + EDAM is curious about everything that makes you different from the rest: We look for differences, and we love uniqueness.